Tradition and Innovation in Old English Metre
Tradition and Innovation in Old English Metre
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"Introduction," by Rafael J. Pascual
"Metre as an Editorial Concern in The Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records, with Particular Reference to the Old English Soul and Body Poems," by Robert Fulk
"The Dream of the Rood: 'not on the whole metrically deficient'?," by Jane Roberts
"On the Metre of Exodus," by Peter J. Lucas
"The Battle of Maldon and the Vengeance of Offa," by Mark Griffith
"Rhyme and Reason in The Battle of Maldon," by Mark Atherton
"Hypermetric Narrative in the Old English Daniel," by Megan E. Hartman
"Elene 582–89: Hypermetrics, Revelation, and Judgment," by Matthew D. Coker
"Single Half-Lines and Heavy Hypermetric Verses in Maxims I Reconsidered," by Kazutomo Karasawa
"Anaphora and Stylistic Flexibility in the Metrical Charms," by Caroline R. Batten
"Struggling to Find the Point: The Scratched Metrical Pointing of Guthlac A in the Exeter Book," by Simon C. Thomson
"Mind the Gap: Inter-word Spacing and Metrical Organization in Old English Verse," by Rachel A. Burns
"Metre vs. Rhythm: John C. Pope Reads Sievers ," by Haruko Momma
"The Mystery of Old English Type A2k," by Geoffrey Russom
"Appendix 1: Alan Bliss, 1921–1985," by Peter J. Lucas
"Appendix 2: Some Corrections to Alan Bliss’s Indices to The Metre of Beowulf, together with his last known views on the Metre of the Poem," by Mark Griffith
"Appendix 3: A Glossary of Metrical Terms," by Rafael J. Pascual
"Select Bibliography"

Rachel Burns, Rafael Pascual (red.)

Tradition and Innovation in Old English Metre

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The importance of metrical analysis to the broad work of textual criticism and literary analysis cannot be overstated. In the thirty years since the publication of R. D. Fulk’s A History of Old English Meter, metrical theory has been brought to bear on questions of poetic style, dating and literary history, linguistics and language history, editing practice, manuscript analysis and scribal practice. The essays in this collection include contributions from both new scholars and established metrists. They focus on the application of metrical study to literary criticism and manuscript studies, engaging with current debate and offering new perspectives on the crucial role of metre to Old English scholarship.
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Rachel Burns

Rachel A. Burns is a Lecturer in medieval literature at Hertford College, University of Oxford. She previously worked on the CLASP project in the Oxford English Faculty. Her research on Old English poetry has been published as articles in Anglia and The Review of English Studies.

Rafael Pascual

Rafael J. Pascual is a Departmental Lecturer in English Language and Literature at the University of Oxford. Previously he held postdoctoral research positions at CLASP and at Harvard University. He specializes in medieval English language and literature (with a particular focus on Old English poetry).