John Miles Foley's World of Oralities
John Miles Foley's World of Oralities
Text, Tradition, and Contemporary Oral Theory
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1. Introduction: The Pathway(s) from Oral-Formulaic Theory to Contemporary Oral Theory, Mark C. Amodio 2. Introduction to the Individual Contributions, Miranda Villesvik 3. Revisiting Orality and Literacy, Gregory Nagy 4. Preserving Traditions of ‘Them’ and the Creation of ‘Us’: Formulaic Language, Historiography, Mythology, and Self-Definition, Susan Niditch 5. Beyond Books: The Confluence of Influence and the Old English Judith, Andy Orchard 6. Embodying the Oral Tradition: Performance and Performative Poetics in and of Beowulf, Mark C. Amodio 7. Performing Anglo-Saxon Elegies: A Conversation, Mark C. Amodio and Benjamin Bagby 8. Notes on the Recordings of Three Anglo-Saxon Elegies, Benjamin Bagby 9. Healing Charms in the Lincoln Thornton Manuscript, Nancy Mason Bradbury 10. Is the ŸFormulaŒ the Key to Oral Style?, Edward R. Haymes 11. The Formula: Morphology and Syntax, Yuri Kleiner 12. Old Norse Riddles and Other Verbal Contests in Performance, Stephen Mitchell 13. Performance Archaeology, Eiríksmál, Hákonarmál, and the Study of Old Nordic Religions, Terry Gunnell 14. ŸTo Surf through the Shared Riches of the Story HoardŒ: The oAgora of the Sigur¿r Story, Thomas A. Dubois 15. When a Hero Lies, Joseph Falaky Nagy 16. ŸThe True Nature of the aoidosŒ: The Kirghiz Singer of Tales and the Epic of Manas, Karl Reichl 17. John Miles Foley: Open Mind, Open Access, Open Tradition, Open Foley, Ruth Finnegan Master Bibliography Index; Index of Manuscripts Cited

Mark Amodio (red.)

John Miles Foley's World of Oralities

Text, Tradition, and Contemporary Oral Theory

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This collection brings together newly commissioned and cutting-edge essays on oral text and tradition ranging from the ancient and medieval world to the present day by a leading group of European and North American oral theorists. Using a range of materials including the Bible, Greek epic, Beowulf, Old Norse and Old English riddles, and medieval music, the contributors collectively work to refine, challenge, and further advance contemporary Oral Theory, an interdisciplinary school of thought heavily influenced by John Miles Foley, whose work provides the jumping-off point for this volume. The book includes a useful introduction to the history of oral theory and Foley’s ground-breaking and influential work.
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Mark Amodio

Mark C. Amodio is the author of Writing the Oral Tradition (2004) and most recently The Anglo-Saxon Literature Handbook (2013). He is Professor of English at Vassar College.