Song of the Bison
Song of the Bison
Text and Translation of Nicolaus Hussovianus’s "Carmen de statura, feritate ac venatione bisontis"
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Author’s note and acknowledgements
Translated Text: ‘Song of the Bison’: About the size, ferocity, and the hunting of the bison
Latin Original: Carmen de statura, feritate ac venatione bisontis

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"[...] Frederick J. Booth’s translation of Nicolaus Hussovianus’ Carmen de bisonte (CdB) breaks a vicious circle and demonstrates that one does not have to be a Belarusian, Lithuanian, Pole, Ukrainian – nor a Slavist – to work on Latin-language texts from the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. [...] It has the potential to attract new readers who will connect CdB to their horizon of experience and who will give the exchange of ideas new impulses."
- Marion Rutz, Belarusian Studies, Vol. 16

Frederick Booth (red.)

Song of the Bison

Text and Translation of Nicolaus Hussovianus’s "Carmen de statura, feritate ac venatione bisontis"

De onderstaande tekst is niet beschikbaar in het Nederlands en wordt in het Engels weergegeven.
In 1521, the young Polish diplomat Nicolaus Hussovianus was watching the bullfights at a papal celebration in Rome. He remarked that the spectacle reminded him of the bison hunts he had witnessed as a young man in the Polish-Lithuanian woods, and his employer then asked Hussovianus to write a poem about the bison hunts, to accompany the gift of a stuffed bison for Pope Leo X, an avid hunter. Song of the Bison is the first complete English translation of Hussovianus's Latin poem, which is claimed as a national epic by Lithuania, Belarus, and Poland. The exciting poem discusses not only Hussovianus's own experience in hunting and observing the European bison, but also the political, social, religious, and aesthetic developments of sixteenth-century Europe, and ends with an urgent plea for unity among European states threatened by foreign invasions.
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Frederick Booth

Frederick J. Booth, PhD, is associate professor of classical studies at Seton Hall University.