Amsterdam University Press (AUP) is a professional partner for all your academic publications.

As an entrepreneurial and vibrant university press, AUP publishes books, book series and journals, in paper and e-format, and has a longstanding tradition in Open Access publishing.

  • AUP partners with academic societies, professional associations, research groups and small publishers.
  • AUP offers a personal approach, high-quality production, and global marketing and distribution.
  • AUP is flexible and supports co-publication production and distribution partnerships.

Books and book series

AUP supports both print and digital books and offers a variety of different options for publishing in Open Access. AUP offers global distribution and sales through an extensive network of distributors and representatives in the U.S. and Canada, Europe, China and Hong Kong, Japan, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and India. AUP ensures your books are featured in relevant catalogues and at academic conferences. All of AUP's Open Access titles are published online and marketed internationally.


As an experienced Open Access publisher, AUP publishes journals in all disciplines using state-of-the-art platforms and technology to support your authors and readers. AUP can help journals to transition from a traditional model to Open Access and to reach the quality level needed for an Impact Factor.

Proposals Welcome

AUP welcomes the opportunity to discuss partnerships for your journals, scholarly monographs, edited volumes and book series on all topics in the Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine. For questions and information about Journals, please contact Irene van Rossum ( For questions and information about Books and Book Series, please contact