Medieval Imagery in Today's Politics
Medieval Imagery in Today's Politics
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Introduction 1. Getting Political 2. Extremes: The Middle Ages on the Fringe 3. Inheritance, Roots, Traditions: Discovering Medieval Origins 4. Anxious Returns: The New Feudalism and New Medievalism Postscript: The Eternal Return of the Medieval Further Reading

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"Medieval Imagery in Today's Politics does a very good job of introducing the reader, in an accessible way, to the (often troubling) deployment of medievalism in modern political discourse." - Matthew Gabriele, Virginia Tech "[A] lively, authoritative, thorough, persuasive, and insightful study of the ways in which the medieval has come to be exploited in the service of modern political movements [...] For a short volume of only 91 pages, Daniel Wollenberg's Medieval Imagery in Today's Politics has managed to cover a surprisingly wide, and singularly impressive, range of examples and ideas. The quality and range of the book stands as a testament both to Wollenberg's clarity of expression as well as to the value and growing confidence of the ARC Humanities Press's Past Imperfect series." - Andrew B.R. Elliott, Medievally Speaking. Read the full review here.

Daniel Wollenberg

Medieval Imagery in Today's Politics

The election of fringe political parties on the far and extreme right across Europe since spring 2014 has brought the political discourse of "old Europe" and "tradition" to the foreground. Writers and politicians on the right have called for the reclamation, rediscovery, and return of the spirit of national identities rooted in the medieval past. Though the "medieval" is often deployed as a stigmatic symbol of all that is retrograde, against modernity, and barbaric, the medieval is increasingly being sought as a bedrock of tradition, heritage, and identity. Both characterizations — the medieval as violent other and the medieval as vital foundation — are mined and studied in this book. It examines contemporary political uses of the Middle Ages to ask why the medieval continues to play such a prominent role in the political and historical imagination today.
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Daniel Wollenberg

Daniel Wollenberg is an Assistant Professor of English at the University of Tampa, specializing in medieval literature and culture. He has recently published articles on political medievalism on the far right in the journal postmedieval.