Emerging Asia
Asian Studies
Saskia Gieling, Shannon Cunningham (US & Canada)
Geografische scope:
Asia; East Asia; South-East Asia
Chronological scope:
20th and 21st centuries

emerging asia flyer pictureThere is much popular interest in the rise of emerging powers in Asia, especially China and India, and also other countries. However, as yet there is very little committed academic analysis about what the rise of Asia would mean for Asians, and for the world. The ‘Emerging Asia’ book series publishes monographs and edited volumes that addresses the impact of the rise of individual countries (e.g., China, India, Korea, Indonesia) on Asia’s international politics; the role of Asia in global affairs; and the promise and possibility of Asian ideas and norms influencing a post-Western world order. The series encourages comparative analysis of intra-Asian relations (e.g., Sino-Indian relations, India-ASEAN relations)and both discipline-based research and inter-disciplinary research.

Editorial Board:
- Itty Abraham, National University of Singapore
- Elena Barabantseva, University of Manchester
- Young Chul Cho, Leiden University Institute for Area Studies
- Suwanna Satha-Anand, Chulalongkorn University

Proposals Welcome:
We invite scholars at any stage of their careers to share their book proposals and draft manuscripts with us on a subject within Asian Studies.

Proposals for monographs or edited volumes should kindly follow the standard AUP Proposal format and should also include the envisaged table of contents or overview of the volume and abstracts of the proposed chapters or articles. 

Further Information:
For questions or to submit a proposal, contact our commissioning editors: Saskia Gieling (Senior Commissioning Editor Asian Studies, s.gieling@aup.nl) and Shannon Cunningham (Commissioning Editor Asian Studies, US & Canada, s.cunningham@aup.nl)

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