Amsterdam Studies in the Dutch Golden Age
European History
Inge van der Bijl
Amsterdams Centrum voor de Studie van de Gouden Eeuw / Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age
Geografische scope:
Chronological scope:
Mainly 17th century



This book series is published by Amsterdam University Press in collaboration with the Amsterdam Centre for the Study of the Golden Age, which aims to promote the history and culture of the Dutch Republic during the ‘long’ seventeenth century (c. 1560-1720).

The publications provide insight into the lively diversity and continuing relevance of the Dutch Golden Age. They offer original studies on a wide variety of topics, ranging from Rembrandt to Vondel, from Beeldenstorm (iconoclastic fury) to Ware Vrijheid (True Freedom) and from Batavia to New Amsterdam. Politics, religion, culture, economics, expansion and warfare all come together in the Centre’s interdisciplinary setting.

The series editors are international scholars specialised in seventeenth-century history, art and literature.



 View of the Herengracht, Jan van der Heyden, 1670
View of the Herengracht, Jan van der Heyden, Amsterdam, 1670

Editorial Board:

- Frans Blom, University of Amsterdam
Michiel van Groesen, Leiden University
Geert Janssen, University of Amsterdam
Elmer Kolfin, University of Amsterdam
- Nelleke Moser, VU University Amsterdam
Henk van Nierop, University of Amsterdam
- Claartje Rasterhoff, University of Amsterdam
Emile Schrijver, University of Amsterdam
Thijs Weststeijn, Utrecht University

Advisory Board:

- H. Perry Chapman, University of Delaware
- Harold J. Cook, Brown University
- Benjamin J. Kaplan, University College London
- Orsolya Réthelyi, Eötvös Loránd University Budapest
- Claudia Swan, Northwestern University

Proposals Welcome:

The series welcomes scholarly monographs and edited volumes in English by both established and early-career researchers.

Proposals for monographs or edited volumes should kindly follow the standard AUP Proposal format and should also include the envisaged table of contents or overview of the volume and abstracts of the proposed chapters or articles. 

Further Information:

For questions or to submit a proposal, contact Inge van der Bijl, Commissioning Editor, via

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