Sociale Wetenschappen
Een inkijkje in de spannende wereld van complotpraktijken, vals-vlag-operaties en The Deep States.
€ 11,99
Developments, Transformations, and Institutional Challenges
This volume examines the theoretical and practical questions concerning the evolving role of imams in Europe.
€ 129,00
Shaping Political Generations
This book studies the life trajectories of protestors during the May '68 civil uprising in France, using statistics and personal narratives to analyse how this activism arose, its impact, and its...
€ 104,99
A Multilevel Analysis of Involvement in the Dutch Hofstadgroup, 2002-2005
This book advances a multicausal and multilevel understanding of involvement in European homegrown jihadism through an in-depth study of the Dutch Hofstadgroup.
€ 39,95
This book offers a view of shifts in labour relations in various parts of the world over a breathtaking span, from 1500 to 2000, with a particular emphasis on colonial institutions.
€ 129,00
Challenging Collective Identities in a Transnational Europe
This book analyses the role of activist practices in the building of collective identities for social movement studies as well as the role of festivals as significant repertoires of collective action...
€ 95,00
Het geheime handboek
Dit boek is voor alle ambtenaren die erachter zijn gekomen dat hun werk om meer dan alleen inhoud draait. Het geeft inzicht in de wering van de politieke wereld.
€ 24,95
Indische organisaties in Nederland tussen 1980 en 2010
€ 9,99
Indische organisaties in Nederland tussen 1980 en 2010
€ 19,99
Indische organisaties in Nederland tussen 1980 en 2010
€ 9,99
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