Media en Communicatie
Een kritische en creatieve kijk op ons leven in media.
€ 19,99
Aesthetics of the Archive
This is the first book-length study of Morrison's work, covering the whole of his career.
€ 89,00
This collection grapples with the historical, cultural, aesthetic, and political-economic implications of the relationship between media franchising and transmedia storytelling as they are seen at...
€ 39,95
Creativity, research, and industry joining forces
This book introduces a revolutionary new framework for academic research in the humanities.
€ 29,95
Fan Enterprise in an Alternative Economy
The book creates an innovative theoretical framework to introduce the concept of an 'alternative economy' as a way to understand fan productions.
€ 89,00
The Film Archive and the Copyright Smokescreen
This book uses the prism of copyright to reconsider human agency and the politics of the archive, and asks what the practical implications are for educational institutions, the creative industries,...
€ 79,00
Polemical Cinema in Socialist Yugoslavia (1963-1972)
This book is the first in English on the Yugoslav Black Wave, and it offers an analysis of the movement, its key players, its sociopolitical engagement, and its place in the larger story of European...
€ 89,00
Unbound Analytic
This book brings together a large cast of mainstream and avant-garde cineastes, artists, photographers, comics creators, poets, and more, to reflect on a wide range of phenomena from the realms of...
€ 29,95
Building Successful Startups
This book describes how accelerators, the 'schools of startup entrepreneurship', help startups to become successful companies in Silicon Valley, the world's most successful innovation region.
€ 29,95
Selected Interviews on Film Theory (1970-1991)
This volume offers readable summaries, elaborations, and explanations of his sometimes complex and demanding theories of film.
€ 39,95
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