Europese Geschiedenis
De zilveren eeuw van Antwerpen
Na de gouden jaren van Antwerpen volgt de moeilijke zilveren eeuw.
€ 24,99
Herinneringen van naoorlogse walvisvaarders
Persoonlijke verhalen over een vergeten stukje verleden. Met unieke foto's en verhalen uit de tijd van de wederopbouw.
€ 19,99
A Dutch Painter in Late Seventeenth-Century London
This book the first comprehensive examination of the Dutch painter Godefridus Schalcken's activities in the four years that he spent in London, surveying his art and concludling with a critical...
€ 95,00
A Companion for Historians
This companion offers young historians clear guidelines for the different phases of historical research.
€ 16,99
Part 2
This newest volume in a long-running work of mapping the sources of Anglo-Saxon literary culture in England from 500 to 1100 CE takes up one of the most important authors of the period, the...
€ 95,00
Narratives of Crime and Mental Illness in Late Medieval France
This book analyses the collaboration between local communities and greater authorities in medieval France which grants us unusual insight into the period’s concept of madness.
€ 95,00
An Interdisciplinary Approach to Human Ecodynamics
This book reconstructs settlement patterns of fishing communities in Viking Age Iceland and proposes socio-economic and environmental models relevant to any study of the Vikings or the North Atlantic.
€ 95,00
Drawing on a wide array of textual and material primary sources, this book assesses the ways that gender and other categories of difference affect understandings of time.
€ 105,00
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