Europese Geschiedenis
Theatricality, Dramatization, Moment and Event
This study offers a new and systematic approach towards the interactions among the notions of theatricality, dramatisation, moment, and event
€ 89,00
Carlsberg's Urban Spaces Retold
The landscape biography of the Carlsberg site contributes to a refined understanding that can take many aspects of an industrial site into account in future redevelopment processes.
€ 99,00
Ecotheory and the Environmental Imagination
Heide Estes shows that Anglo-Saxon ideologies which view nature as diametrically opposed to humans, and the natural world as designed for human use, have become deeply embedded in our cultural...
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This book brings together a team of scholars representing a broad range of interests and new approaches in medieval studies to explore the interactions of secular power and sacral authority in central...
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The King's Body Never Dies
This book offers thirteen case studies from premodern and contemporary Europe that demonstrate the process through which political corporations-bodies politic-were and continue to be constructed and...
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A companion for Historians
€ 16,95
Een van onze beste Duitsland-specialisten verstaat de kunst geschiedenis met actualiteit te verbinden. Een leesbaar en met politiek gevoel geschreven betoog, zeer welkom aan de vooravond van de Duitse...
€ 9,99
Sexual Ideas, Attitudes and Practices in Europe
This collection brings together a group of leading scholars from a variety of disciplines to explore the history of sexual desires and the transformation of sexual ideas, attitudes, and practices in...
€ 89,00
Five centuries of social history collected by the International Institute of Social History
This book looks back on seventy-five years of the IISH and its collections, with a focus on creative ideas and people who fought for radical change, from Karl Marx to Aung San Suu Kyi, the French...
€ 29,95
This volume brings together a group of prominent contributors to consider the topics of government and warfare in Tuscany and Venice in the Renaissance.
€ 99,00
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