Kunst- en architectuurgeschiedenis
A Dutch Painter in Late Seventeenth-Century London
This book the first comprehensive examination of the Dutch painter Godefridus Schalcken's activities in the four years that he spent in London, surveying his art and concludling with a critical...
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Religious Women and Art in 15th-century Rome
This book draws on art history, anthropology, and gender studies to explore the disciplinary and didactic role of the images, as well as their relationship to important papal projects at the Vatican.
€ 95,00
Plassen in de kunst
Een unieke collectie van meer dan 400 kunstwerken met als onderwerp de plassende mens. Bijzondere insteek om naar kunst te kijken. Van de Oudheid tot hedendaagse graffiti kunst.
€ 29,99
Caterina Vigri and the Poor Clares in Early Modern Ferrara
This book, grounded in archival research and close examination of artworks from The Poor Clares convent of Corpus Domini, explores the visual culture and social history of an early modern Franciscan...
€ 95,00
Carlsberg's Urban Spaces Retold
The landscape biography of the Carlsberg site contributes to a refined understanding that can take many aspects of an industrial site into account in future redevelopment processes.
€ 105,00
Kunstenaars maken een aanklacht tegen oorlog
Kunst als aanklacht tegen oorlog.
€ 29,99
De afscheidsrede van kunsthistoricus Henk van Os. Vormgegeven door Irma Boom.
€ 9,95
In this essay, Henk van Os attempts to uncover the motivation for Otto Lanz's purchase, in the process raising provocative questions about our relationship to religious art in a more secular era.
€ 9,95
The Fabric of Creativity in the Dutch Republic, 1580-1800
Claartje Rasterhoff shows how industrial organisations played a role in shaping patterns of growth and innovations in painting and publishing in the Dutch Republic.
€ 119,00
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