Cultuurwetenschappen en cultureel erfgoed
Urbanized Interface
This book offers a multifaceted investigation of the dynamic interrelations between visual arts and representation interdependent to urban spaces in China.
€ 95,00
This book examines the active role of urban citizens in constructing alternative urban spaces as tangible resistance towards capitalist production of urban spaces that continue to encroach various...
€ 105,00
Irregular Migrants' Access to Right to Stay in Turkey and Morocco
The book analyses migrant experiences of illegality in Turkey and Morocco by taking into account how both countries responded to increasing pressure by the European Union to govern irregular migration...
€ 95,00
Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations
This book focuses on the contested nature of heritage through the lens of individuals, local communities, religious groups, and heritage experts.
€ 95,00
A Transdisciplinary Perspective
This multidisciplinary book analyses the contradictory coexistence of consumerism and environmentalism in contemporary Japan.
€ 105,00
Banal Beats, Muted Histories
This book presents a cultural history of modern Southeast Asia from the vantage point of popular music, considering not just singers and musicians but their fans as well.
€ 32,95
A Handbook for Students in the Humanities
Dit boek biedt een historisch perspectief op de variëteit van cultuur als veranderend fenomeen, waarin de interactie tussen natuur en cultuur een rode draad vormt.
€ 24,95
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